About Us

Established in 2010, Keystone Hydrografix was created in the mind of Roger Himmelberger while in the cold and rain of his tree stand.  While staring at his camo compound bow he wondered, "how do they do that?"  When he arrived home he began his research and took the leap into owning his own business of making customized "everything" a reality from his home garage.  Hydrographics is what he always called "Rogerizing" (when doing it for himself) or adding

"Bad Assery" (when doing it for others).

In spring of 2017, he moved from the garage to a new outbuilding on his property and opened his own hydrographic and paint shop.  Now offering full services including light sand blasting, vinyl art/decals, painting and hydrographics of pretty much anything!  He also has partnered with many taxidermists and other specialty businesses to create as much "Bass Ass" stuff as possible.


Roger is known locally as one of the best skull decorators around!

Thank goodness he took the leap into his own business, because he is good at it!

Thank you to all our customers - Especially those fellow business owners!

Mystic Mountain Taxidermy